Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The Grim Reapers? The... Grave Robbers? No, I think 'Brain Dead Book Club Members' works best. Hello, we're a tiny group of Twitter addicts who read books like there's no tomorrow. Or... we hope to, anyway. So, let's start off with the individual introductions and we can say our how-do-you-dos:

Maryam Mirza: Aspiring novelist, not-really-a-closet poet, blogger; Sophomore majoring in Media Studies. Enjoys sitting in corners with books and a bag of Cheetos, reading till the world all around melts away. Terrible at making small talk, but with a pen and paper, can fill pages with random and inane thoughts. Writes letters to Sylvia Plath when bored. Hates being told that she should be studying Literature.

Maryam Reza: Clinical Psychologist, English teacher (for a week), total proverbial book worm (Mom despairs over daughter's obsession with books... And cheese). Can survive on books alone. No wait, pizzas are very welcome. Foodie. Loves trashy books and writes crappy emo prose.

Hira Ahsan: Books, chocolates, tea and laughter make her happy. Crazy book reader like the rest of us, Hira is also very good at talking; small or otherwise (unlike the other two above her). 

Nida Ibrar: An uber bored, almost clinical medstudent who enjoys reading more than she enjoys getting kicked out of various wards in her hospital. People, yellow street lights and CT scans fascinate her.

Qurat Zafar: Obsessed with books, food, crockery and shoes. Mostly, I contend with buying books. And food.

Ayela Najeeb: Strong headed. Sane, only at times. Books are my Aorta or jugular vein or whatever the doctors call it.

Mariam Shahzad: An overworked architecture student who used to treat reading as an act of worship though not so the case to such an extreme level anymore and misses that. And yup I am a cross century lover of Gaudi (also see Antonio Gaudi) :P

Paras Abbasi: Skinny business student and book lover, made up of equal proportions of curiosity and excitement with a big mouth at the top of everything that makes her call herself a proud moonh-phat. But don’t worry, your secrets are always safe with her.

Sana Aftab: Almost a doctor. Almost an adult. Almost finishes the stories that she writes, sometimes kills off the characters in an attempt to do so. Loves random midnight talks and obsessions, the sore feeling after exercising, the rain, the waves, and laughing while watching Community, a television series. Harbours a strange fascination towards the morbid. Also, finds the joy of reading and eating at the same time one of the best feelings in the world. Likes people who are have an endless supply of sincere, hearty smiles. =)

Sidrah Syed: A dentist-to-be who adores books, and sometimes writes bizarre, senseless stories out of boredom. Short like an elf, wears heels and eats macaroni like it's her job.

Yep, that's it for now.


Maryam said...

*hoot hoot*

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THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!